Noire et Blanc

This is a blog dedicated to simple things in life that we often see without observing. If we look at things more closely, we can find beauty in every corner, every room, every streets and lane ways. It is not a surprise that one of the earliest genre of photography invented was still life.

Andy Warhol took ordinary objects and turned them into what we can art today. Surely, he was not the first artist that invented such idea and I guarantee I will not be the last either.

The images included in this blog are all black and white photographs. Why? Because I simply love good old black and white photography and because we see things more clearly in black and white. Without distractions of colours, we can view the subject more intimately and feel the emotions more intensely.

Black and white is story-telling in its purest form.

My name is Jessica Angelina. I grew up and still lives in Sydney where I spend most of my time either taking photographs, developing films or working on prints at my sufficiently ventilated dark room at home. As of recently, I have developed a habit of speaking in French to my dogs and pretend that they understand me well.


7 thoughts on “About

  1. Hello Jessica. I am very interested in photography, and find it exciting to follow professionals like yourself. I chrish b/w- photos and find your blog so much fun to look around at!


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