Quai de la Tournelle

Quai de la Tournelle

I had to go on Google earth and go around the seine river so many times until I found out the exact location where this photograph was taken. It was at Quai de la Tournelle, quite close to Notre Dame.
I was surprised it took me so long. It felt so good when I finally see the snapshot on google earth matched this photograph. They look almost the same. It’s nice to see some leaves on those trees. They weren’t there last time I was there.

It’s hard for me to say that this is one of the best spot to see La Seine because there are just so many good spots. It was definitely one of my favourite place to see it at the time. I love how the trees are all aligned. I loved walking while watching the other side of Paris from a distance, being separated by all that water.

This was taken on a cloudy, cold day some time in late February with a Kodak Tri x rated at 400iso. This film brings out the best of this. It could’ve easily turned out really flat because of the lighting. The contrast levels between the other side of town compared to the road is just how I like it. I have been a fan of this film for many years. If you’ve been following my blog, I’m sure you know that by now.


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