Portrait de famille – Les Parisiens Anonymes

Portrait de famille - Les Parisiens Anonymes

I found a collection of old family portraits and baby photos while I was there in Paris. I’m just starting to explore them one by one.
The other day while I was working with these images, I started to wonder ‘what happens after I’ve made prints out of all of these found negatives? I’ll have nothing else as exciting to work on.” It’s like eating the best Belgian dark chocolate, knowing you’ll probably cry once it’s all in your tummy and you can’t buy some more unless if you buy a plane ticket and go back to Brussels.
I’m not mentally prepared for the end of this…

Anyway, back to this image… you can probably guess it was taken while the family wasn’t ready for a portrait. If you look closely, you’ll notice that there’s another little kid hiding behind the baby. The mother was trying to get him/her in the picture.
The composition is not all that perfect. I’m just making a guess that it’s the father, taking the picture… not a paid photographer.
Overall, it’s a simple, honest portrait. It’s probably not the one that’s hanging on the family’s wall. This was probably taken a few minutes before they got the final photo that they were happy with, and I don’t know how that final photo looks like but I like looking at this portrait. It’s more of a documentary rather than a portrait.

“J’ai trouvée des négatifs des parisiens anonymes quand j’allais au marché aux puces à Paris. Depuis que je suis retournée à Sydney, je travaillais dans ma chambre noire et développée des négatifs mois-même avec joie. Si vous connaissez des personnes sur de photos, n’hésitez pas de me contacter. Je vais vous envoyer les photo 6 x8″ gratuite. Merci pour votre aide.”


2 thoughts on “Portrait de famille – Les Parisiens Anonymes

  1. A snapshot in time – do you know who everyone is in your collection? Old prints often have names and dates on them, but negatives are different. Don’t bemoan the end before you get to it as it will take away some of the pleasure of the journey. 🙂

  2. Good advice. I’ll try not to think about it. No, I have no idea who these people are. There were no notes, no dates, no information at all. I’d love to meet them if I ever get the chance though… if they’re still alive.

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