Un gentilhomme – Les Parisiens Anonymes

Un gentilhomme - Les Parisiens Anonymes

I get excited every time I see these faces. I wish this man well if he’s still alive. The negative was in good condition. There’s barely any scratches on it. It was overexposed though. I could have fixed it up in the darkroom if I wanted to, but I want to stay true to the real photographer’s work.

From the car in the photograph, I am guessing this was taken sometime in a sunny day in 1920s in Paris. It was the best time to visit Paris. Imagine having lunch at Le Dome with Pablo Picasso…

“J’ai trouvée des négatifs des parisiens anonymes quand j’allais au marché aux puces à Paris. Depuis que je suis retournée à Sydney, je travaillais dans ma chambre noire et développée des négatifs mois-même avec joie. Si vous connaissez des personnes sur de photos, n’hésitez pas de me contacter. Je vais vous envoyer les photo 6 x8″ gratuite. Merci pour votre aide.”


4 thoughts on “Un gentilhomme – Les Parisiens Anonymes

  1. Are you scanning direct from the negative? Or are you printing first? The quality is very good.

    May I suggest you take your posts with “photographie”. Maybe a french blogger will see it. And who knows what chain of events may follow?

    • I always do the prints rather than scanning. It’s the fun part of the whole darkroom processing. My scanner isn’t that reliable anyway.
      That’s a great idea! thank you xx

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