Film Noir


After spending a few hours in the darkroom, I got a little bored. I wanted to experiment just a little bit. So I threw out the 35mm mask and load in the film into the negative carrier in a reckless manner.
It’s funny how we could see some ghost sprocket holes on the right side of the image. There’s also a black line going across the top corner of the image.
I have no clue if I’m still going to like this photograph a few hours from now, but right now… j’aime ça…

The photograph itself was shot in the living room with a soft box placed on the left side of the object and a black reflector on the bottom right side. There were no other light source besides the soft box.

I promise I’ll post something cheerful and Christmas-y in the next few days


6 thoughts on “Film Noir

  1. If you like to mess around with various effects in the Darkroom, you should try turning on the light in the room briefly while the paper is in the developing tray about half way through the developing. The effect you achieved is called solarization, It’s that effect for instance that is on the cover of Neil Youngs “After the Goldrush”

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