It doesn’t happen quite often but sometimes I do take random pictures without giving it much thought . Sometimes I look at this and I find it fascinating to look at, other times… not really.

I remember when I was a beginner, studying photography, it was more of an instant activity. My photographs were not carefully planned. They just happened. I kind of miss that freedom.

Out of the entire roll of film, I usually had 2 or 3 good photographs. I hated the rest of it. I was embarrassed to show my contact sheets to my teacher and other students. The contact sheets spoke very clearly – one word, “scatterbrained”. Now, I rarely waste more than a couple of frames per film. Well, at least my teacher would be happy to know I’m much more focused now…


8 thoughts on “Sometimes

    • Thank you. It’s the art of self control and careful planning before pressing the shutter button. It’s really hard to do sometimes.
      This photo wasn’t planned though. I just went straight for it. I guess it was pure luck. I’m glad it turned out ok.

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