Cabernet Franc


Carbenet Franc – this is a scanned image of the original lith print that was developed with Rollei Lith developer. The paper used was Ilford Warmtone Multigrade FB paper. A lot of people would not recommend Ilford Warmtone for lith printing as it does not deliver the typical results you would expect from lith printing. I dig it though. As always, lith printing requires patience.

This still life photograph was inspired by early photography in 19th century. Back in those days, exposures were measured in minutes rather than seconds, which makes taking a simple portrait a quite difficult task. How long can you stare at a camera without blinking? If you can last 10 minutes without blinking, well done – you would have been an excellent model in the 19th century. So it makes sense that one of the earliest genre of photography invented was still life.  Inanimate objects were the easiest to photograph.  Inanimate objects are usually things you hardly ever notice because it is just sitting on your table in a living room and it doesn’t scream ‘excitement’. Isn’t it amazing how these photographers could take simple objects and turn it into something worth looking at? I think so.    


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