First Time

The KissFirst entry of a brand new blog – what better way to start a new photography blog than writing about one of your first photographs? I am not talking about family pictures, pictures of your dogs or pictures of your feet. I mean to write about one of the first black and white photographs I have ever taken.

This image was taken in about 2008. Up until then, like most people I was into colour photography. It was just easy taking snapshots in colour. Life is in colour. If you feel adventurous, it is so easy to just convert the image to black and white on photoshop. So why did I bother? I do not actually remember what made me buy a Tri X film on that particular day. I can guess that maybe because I was trying out a Holga (please do not judge!) and I recall seeing some black and white images taken using holga by other photographers. Yes, it blew my mind… and yes, I do realise it is a plastic toy camera. I had fun with it for awhile anyway… while it lasted.

Since then, I gradually became a black and white photography enthusiast. I spend quite a lot of my time in my dark room, developing films and making prints. I find it extremely satisfying that I have full control over my photographs – from the moment I took the photograph, to the film development and the final print.

I hope that I can continue to show my work here in this blog and share them with all of you. It is a pleasure and I would be more than happy to respond to your comments if you have any.


2 thoughts on “First Time

    • My old time favourite has always been Kodak Tri x. The only time I would switch to other brands is when I want to do push processing. Tri x is well known for being grainy. With push processing, it will give you even larger grains. Not everyone loves grains.
      I’d say Fuji Neopan Acros 100 is my second favourite. Fine grain and beautiful tonal range. Although, it’s a little bit more difficult to find them these days.

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